Weaving without a loom – experiments and failures

So, today the second post of my little series about weaving adventures! (First one with general explications here). I use the book Weaving within the reach as an inspiration to try out different techniques – this week weaving without a loom.Continue reading “Weaving without a loom – experiments and failures”

Weaving – with or without a loom

I want to start a little series of postings about different weaving techniques. In the first place about different looms – or even about weaving without a loom at all. I discovered recently a book: Weaving within the reach, that really fascinates me. It shows so many possibilities to make beautiful weavings without or with simple handmade looms, I have to experiment and explore some of these patterns. And naturally share my trials and errors here!Continue reading “Weaving – with or without a loom”

Let’s Stripe – New Pattern Book from Kate Davies

A new pattern book from Kate Davies is published this week – “Milarrochy Heids” !
It contains 12 hat patterns from different designers but all knit in the  Milarrochy Tweed yarn from Kate. Every day another pattern will be published during the week. And I had the chance to test one of those patterns!!!! So happy and honoured!

Continue reading “Let’s Stripe – New Pattern Book from Kate Davies”

Schieke Wiebke Blazer


I’m normally not to much in garment sewing anymore. I don’t follow the dream of an “entirely handmade wardrobe”, I’m simple not interested enough in mode or garments to spend my time making them. My passion is more about decoration an interior design. Nevertheless, from time to time, I see a garment pattern I fall immediately in love with. This happens one month ago  for the Schieke Wiebke Blazer I saw on Instagram. Continue reading “Schieke Wiebke Blazer”