Crochet Bag Mania

I’m in love with crochet bags! Especially every summer I have to try a new pattern and designer.

This summer I discovered the Finnish designer Molla Mills! And I think I’m addicted! She wrote three books so far, “Modern Crochet “and “New Crochet” are translated so far. She’s especially known for her tapestry crochet patterns (technique with several different colours across each row to create multicoloured graphic designs), but for the moment I’ve chosen a technique from her first book she calls “Pixel Crochet”. I think the photo below shows the origin of the name:


I love particularly the technical approach of her designs . She doesn’t develop only the pattern itself but her finishing techniques make her projects always very professional looking. For this pixel bag the leather handles and fixing rivets are a new, very hard wearing way to finish a bag.


DSC_0030_medium2 (1)

I even bought the same cotton  yarn she uses in her book, Liina Cotton Twine. I ordered it directly in Finland at Lankava. It’s perfect for bags. Easy to crochet, not splitty and very, very sturdy. Perfect match!

Naturally I’ve made some other crochet bags over the years, even this summer I think I made two others.

Here a compilation of my most used ones that passed my the test of utility. Especially the first bag is in constant use in summer. I always insert by the way an inner layer in my bags, it’s more practical and I love to associate fibres and fabrics:


Gehäkelte Einkaufstasche – Granny Bag by Tanja Steinbach in  Schachenmayr Catania Solids

Bucket Bag Beauty by Sonja Hood  in Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Solids

Le sac cabas by Phildar Design Team in  linen/hemp yarn I found in the horticulture shop

2 thoughts on “Crochet Bag Mania

  1. Oh la la, que tu donnes envie!!!! Ce sac est magnifique, mon préféré de tous tes sacs! Bravo. Tu vas en inspirer plus d’une!

    1. J’espère, parce que j’adore ce sac! Je projette de le refaire dans d’autres couleurs, il est trop, trop beau – pour moi en tout cas c’est aussi mon préféré et Molla Mills ma nouvelle héroïne! Ces techniques sont super! Si tu aime le crochet n’hésite pas de tester ces modèles.

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