A wearable knitted skirt!

Yes this exists! A wearable knitted skirt! That does’t cling to your bottom or your legs disgracefully and puckers every time you sit down! I’m serious, I’m knitted one I’m absolutely happy with, me who wears normally only trousers, nothing to do. That means something! A skirt, I wear perhaps two or three times in summer… but even in summer I prefer shorts. And a knitted skirt…. never thought this would be wearable for me. But nevertheless I’ve fallen in love with a skirt on Ravelry and I had to have this skirt, absolutely. I tried really to resist, but in vain…

And I’m very happy with the outcome! Happy I gave in and knit it. The original pattern is the Carnaby Skirt from Nikol Lohr  and  the yarn is the Jamieson’s of Shetland Heather in the gingersnap colorway. Perfect yarn for this skirt, it has so much body that the skirt doesn’t came out clingy at all and no pleats to fear either even after hours of sitting.






And as the first one came out so perfect, I couldn’t resist to try another skirt pattern….This time the Jaunty pattern from Ririko in Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash. And  – once more- not clingy, very drapy, no puckers or increases… I think I’m convinced by knitted skirts as they are so comfy: And you? Tested one? Happy with it??


7 thoughts on “A wearable knitted skirt!

  1. Ces deux jupes sont vraiment jolies! Tu as fait un très joli choix de couleurs et le drapé de la jupe est superbe.

  2. Je suis admirative de tant de ténacité ! Franchement, j’adorerais me tricoter une jupe mais je sais que je n’arriverais pas au bout du tricot… trop long pour moi, et pas sûre de la porter au final. J’adore la première jupe surtout…. bravo !

    1. Merci!! La jupe est fait dans une laine ‘aran’, c’était plutôt vite même… en tous cas l’orange… l’autre au contraire c’est en fingering, c’était d’autre chose…

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