Interpretations in Pink – Origami Bag

Took some of my handspun yarns, some leftovers, some of my “artyarn” experiments to play around a bit. No special idea, no use in mind, only the theme ‘pink variations’…

DSC_0013_medium2 (1)

Finally, after 8 month of hibernating had an inspiration: an origami bag. Love the diagonal lines and the opposition of the more simple, even part versus the art yarn mix, exactly what I was looking for.




Hadn’t exactly the fabric size needed for the bag  so  played around a bit to find a solution. Finally took the fabric doubled what turned out to be a happy decision, as it made the bag  very sturdy.
Love the handle fabric I found in my fabric stash, never thought of this colour but – once more – I think turned out as a perfect match. Had to add a tassel… don’t know why, but have a bit of an obsession with tassels recently….





The origami bag is a super easy pattern to sew, in any size you want. You only need a piece of fabric, width three times the height and fold it in an special way. There are many tutorials out there, for example on the blog “Very Shannon”.



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