Highlights, Resolutions and “Slow Crafting”

Ah, even for me Christmas break is over now…. time to look back and forward at the same time. Normally I love this time of the year. I’m someone who always have a lot of resolutions for the new year… even after nearly 50 years I can’t stop this thing. I’m a planer in my heart, nothing to do. As I was ill during the holidays I’m a bit late this year… but better later than never!

So, first things first, we’ll start with the résumé of the last year:

A little collage of my BEST 16. (more details on my Ravelry page)


I made for fun a little statistic of the last year:

  • 42 projects in total
  • 28 knitting projects
  • 8 crochet projects
  • 4 weaving projects
  • 2 sewing projects (garment sewing)

This statistic shows that I’m still mostly active in the knitting area . Though, in fact, my favourite projects of the year are two crochet projects and a weaving one:

  1. Jasmine cushion. This one is my favourite of the year I think. I made it three times, one after another, and I could do it still several times without being bored at all. (Crochet)


2. Closely followed by the Pixel bag from Moll Mills. (Crochet):


3. And the Origami bag: (Handspun yarn+ weaving+ sewing) :


I meditated a bit about this fact… that I spend most of my time knitting garments, but the projects I’m the happiest with are none knitting-none garment projects…I looked at my Ravelry account and the index showed that I made over the last 8 years 132 garments in total, among them 50 cardigans and 28 pullovers, 3 dresses etc. I think I can say that knitting a garment is now longer a real challenge for me, I don’t need more garments anyway and worse,  as I’m a fast knitter and I can knit a cardigan in 2 or 3 weeks if necessary… but what for?  Sometimes I feel like a kind of “knitting machine” and that I loose a bit the sense of all this….and that’s not only valuable for knitting.

I feel like I’ve fallen into a grown-up  mindset and that I’m always try to achieve things. To get things done. To move things forward. I feel like I don’t have the space to experiment, or the time. I write lists that say things like “do this,  do that”. I wake up and I start to cross things off. Using time to play is something that has disappeared off my list of things to do – no time!

I think in 2019 I need to slow down and make a drastic change.

I want have time for what’s really important — relationships, meaningful work, solitude and silence, taking care of myself. Is this really too much to ask?

I don’t think I’ll stop to write lists or try to achieve things or even knitting garments, that’s part of me, but I want to give myself more time and room to explore the depth of each technique. To do less, but in a deeper way…. this won’t be easy for me… I’ve the habituate to do everything fast… and carelessly sometimes…

So, in generally I decided I need to:

  • slow down
  • do less things
  • get down beneath the surface of these fewer things
  • but nevertheless find some challenges – do/ learn new things
  • play, experiment, try – EXPLORE

Yes, perhaps the words PLAY and EXPLORE and SLOW DOWN could be my guidelines of the year 2019.

Nice words, grey theory…. but how put this into practice? That is the question, isn’t it? Especially, because at the same time I’m dreaming about a little business of my own with some hand crafted items… something that’s needs a lot of planning, consistency and a lot of work…. is this an contradiction? I must admit I’ve no idea for the moment… I’m not sure at all how to cohabit these two apparently opposite intentions…. if you’re waiting for a final conclusion… nope… sorry…

I’ve only some random, incoherent ideas, no real plan…some fragmented thoughts…

  • Focus 2019:  Weaving. I want this to be my weaving year. I want to continue weaving with my Riggid Heddle Loom, learn tapestry weaving and buy a 4-Shaft-Loom. Take some lessons, make a formation if possible and explore! I want especially to work with my handspun yarns, weave them and sew the fabric afterwards.
  • New technique to explore: Embroidery. I think every month a new stitch should be possible without too much stress.
  • Crochet:  more decoration objects  + bags + learn tapestry crochet
  • Spinning: I bought the book “51 yarns” from Jacey Boggs Faulkner, that contains ideas for 51 different yarns to spin. And I found a group on Ravelry/Youtube “Wool n’Spinning” ,which makes a KAL over two years to work through this book. This seams a lot of experimentation and fun, I’ll try to follow without too much stress. There is another KAL around spinning/knitting in the “Elfenwollegroupe“. Here the idea is to spin sock-yarn and knit up hand spun socks. Some would make every month a pair of socks out of hand spun yarn, too much for me this year I think… but perhaps 6 pairs of hand spun socks with different techniques?
  • Sewing: I’ve some garments in mind, but I don’t want to spend too much time with garment sewing in fact. From time to time, things I’ll really use… perhaps. I think I’ll sew more decoration objects and bags than garments….
  • Knitting: very difficult categories in the moment…I’ll knit surely some garments as I love this… but less and mostly out of stashed yarn. I don’t have a real challenge in mind for the moment…or a garment I absolutely need or want or a new technique to learn. Someone said to me designing my own garments…I don’t think I want to design garments… but perhaps some decoration objects? We’ll see. In any case I want to knit more decoration objects this year….and some bags… I discovered last year that I really love to make bags…knitted or crochet or woven ones…something to continue…I still love knitting as much as I do the last few years, but I’ve to find a project that I really want to make, that makes my heart sing…


So, if someone is still here… I hope you’re not too disappointed about this incoherent thoughts without real conclusion… without a final collage of projects I want to make.

Happy New Year!






4 thoughts on “Highlights, Resolutions and “Slow Crafting”

  1. J’aime bien ta philosophie pour cette année 2019 ! De belles réalisations en perspectives… S’amuser, ne pas se mettre la pression et repenser le fondamental.

  2. Happy New Year! I should adopt a similar goal–slow down! I want to do all the things, all at once, and I think I just end up stressing myself out rather than slowing down and enjoying them.

    1. Yes, that’s exactly the problem… I’m a very structured person… I can do a looot of things, I finish my things, I have no UFO’s for example… but it’s stressful AND I finish things for finishing not taking pleasure in it or really take time to enjoy the process…I start thinking that it makes no sense… it’s no longer a creative journey but a assembly line work….but it’s hard to brake habits

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