Want to share one of my most beloved weavings so far: my Aquaverde cushion cover! Entirely made out of handspun. The warp is handspun yarn from Purlverde, the weft is some corespun yarn by me, my most cherished one in fact.

Both sat for a long time in my stash, I really don’t dared to use them… as often… was too afraid to make a mess… but finally it turned out to be the perfect match,  I love the result. Simple Rigged Heddle Loom weaving, nothing fancy, the yarn itself makes all the difference. That’s the thing I love about weaving with handspun yarn; the yarn is most of the time so special that any pattern is in my opinion superfluous or even  counterproductive.


Here some impressions from the original batt, the handspun yarns and the woven fabric. The original batt was from Nunoco , a textured gradient made with 21 micron Merino wool, tussah silk and silk noil in dark bottle greens, deep jades and grey blues. My  favorite batt so far…. unfortunately Nunoco doesn’t sell anymore! Such a pitty!







But fortunately I’ve still a second skein of core spinning from a Nunoco batt in my stash! But it’s so precious…..









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