Linen placemats in linen stitch


Always looking for the perfect placemats for my kitchen table. Beautiful and useful… and handmade, please! After some testing  I finally found a pattern I’m really happy with. Still some issues ( see below), but love the simple, modern look, the structure of the fabric created by the linen stitch and the fact that they’re easily washable because made in a linen/ cotton mix yarn. Linen placemats in linen stitch, perhaps it’s also due to this pun I love them so much? The pattern: Linen placemats from Kerry Robb and I knitted them with Drops Bomull-Lin, one pair in brown and one in the natural coulorway.



So, and now the issues…. First of all these placemats are done in a really tide gauge. It’s fine once they’re done, very practical, no more overwhelming on your tablecloth… but it’s very hard to do…could only knit 5 or 6 rows at once.

They’re easily washable but nevertheless the perfect rectangular shape will get lost easily if you don’t want to block them after each washing. And it’s still textile, you can’t take a sponge and clean them…. so I’m still want to experiment a bit… make something with recycled plastic for example is in my mind… perhaps weaving or knitting? Not sure yet. Not sure either what material to use… recycled plastic bags? If someone has tested this kind of upcyling would be very interested to hear about, still looking for input and idea and “how-to-do” advices.


2 thoughts on “Linen placemats in linen stitch

  1. J’adore ! Et ces jolies tasses aussi… trop belles !
    C’est sûr qu’en plastique, l’entretien serait plus aisé… mais ce n’est quand même pas la même chose au toucher…

    1. Non, c’est vraie… il y a toujours des pour et contre… mais je crois si on a des enfants par exemple en plastique cela me semble plus pratique… et j’ai envie de le tester…

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