Artyarns – Useless waste of time?

Why for? That’s a question everyone asks every time I show one of my “artyarns” (artyarn used here as a term for a “textured” yarn in opposition to an “even” yarn). Why loosing your time making a yarn you can’t really knit with?

Because it’s beautiful…. because I love making it….. could be one possible answer….that I never give, as most  people wouldn’t consider this as a valuable answer. Always everything has to have a purpose, otherwise it’s a waste of time today. Fact is that I really start spinning artyarns for these reasons. I’m afraid I’m not the most talented spinner. I don’t want to calculate  fibre angles or count my treadles. The tendency to always spin finer, more even and more perfect… bored me so much I nearly stopped spinning completely.

At this point I discovered the blog “Atelier du Chat Noir” and especially her “Tour du monde en 80 fils” . Love at first sight! She picked up 80 countries, selected some photos and spun a related artyarn. And her yarns are really breathtaking beautiful. Pieces of art! Needed to try this by myself absolutely immediately. The starting point was  the Craftsy class from Jacey Boggs Faulkner: “Spinning Art Yarns”and the “Spinners Book of Yarn Design” from Sarah Anderson. That’s the way my first “artyarns” came alive:

ddddCorespun yarn 

cccc Corespun yarn 


ffffRecycled Silk-Spiral yarn

Another answer why spinning artyarns could be: “Naturally you can knit with these yarns!” …. that I never give either, as I must admit that I don’t knit with my “artyarns” in reality. It’s possible, but I don’t love the outcome. I knit with my “normal = even” handspun yarns, but never with my artyarns. But I discovered the perfect way for me to use these yarns: weaving! 

For me handspun, textured yarn is the ideal material for weaving, especially for weaving with a Riggid Heddle Loom. You don’t need to weave a fancy patterns, even no pattern at all is fine, as the hole work is made by the yarn itself.

Here some examples from the original batt, over the handspun yarn, the woven fabric and finally the result after sewing it up:


BeFunky-collagebb(1)  ” Aqua Verde” cushion cover from Corespun yarn


Bag “Variations in Pink” from recycled silk spiral yarn.

8 thoughts on “Artyarns – Useless waste of time?

  1. You are an artist Petra, so an artist does not have to make things for a purpuse, it’s just art, for the pleasure of creating and the pleasure to see it! Keep going! I love to see them!

  2. Qu’est ce que c’est beau! Ces écheveaux sont de petits bijoux sublimés au tissage. Tu es épatante Petra!

    1. Merci Lucie!!! En effet pour le tissage c’est la matière idéale je trouve aussi, les rendus sont supers, même si c’est toujours plutôt aléatoire, difficilement prévisible, mais c’est peut-être exactement pour cela que je l’adore…?

  3. Those are so beautiful! I’ve contemplated about that same question when I look at beautiful artyarns, and I also came to the same conclusion–they would probably work best for weaving. Now I need to pick up yet another hobby… 😀

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